We continued our trip from Haridwar by train to Bikaner located in the far West (Thar). The distance was some six hundred kilometers and to not drain our time and energy in the monotony of the desert we booked tickets for this stage. Wooden class for the bikes, sleeper for ourselves.
The Junanghar Fort in Bikaner. The probably only tourist spot in town, however, rather unspectacular compared to the street life in this city.
We sneaked into a guided tour inside the Fort even though our camouflage was probably imperfect.
Indian basil (lets assume it exists). Always with a note to not use random herbs as drugs.
The means of transportation No. 1 in Bikaner. The dromedary. Usually stuffed with a nice trailer carrying the charioteer and not seldom whole Indian households.
Desert storms carry masses of fine sand into the city boundaries and douse streets and houses in a red-brownish light.
Finally, we decided to try the local transportation to enable an informed opinion about the best and most comfortable locomotion.
riding versus cart
Dromedars are parked.. is setup..
..time for an unforgettable sleep in the desert.
There was even smiling entourage, but they were taken away the next day. Some said regrettably.
The decision was taken without much doubt. The bicycle remains the most comfortable and therefore preferred vehicle for us. Back on the road heading to Jodhpur.
We stopped at the Osyan Templecity. A little town that nestles agains the templehill being built from the red sandstone that is abundant in the surrounding.
In India rats and mice are considered holy, since a rat serves as vehicle for the deity Ganesh, the most widely worshipped in the Hindu pantheon. We accept this belief as it gives fortune to travellers.
Jaisalmer is most Western city in Rajastan. It is build around an gigantic Fort that previuously enkettled the entire city population. Today the city has grown way beyond these city limits.
All the buildings are built from sandstone that formed underneath the Thar desert sands.
Accommodation and meals were organised in the Fort on small balconies offering nice views on the Golden city.