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Erik joined the project for the first time in 2007 travelling with Ferdi and Timo through Namibia. Renting a car we crossed the Namib desert twice, passed the Kalahari and entered Angola without permission. Later on he took a couple of individal projects for example a hiking tour through the Irish highlands. In 2008 Timo and Erik travelled together through Tanzania and climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. The latest project was a two-month trip to Canada, crossing from Vancouver Island to Nova Scotia using only public transport. Apart from mountaineering in the Canadian Rockies he cycled some 450 km on the legendary Carbot Trail.



Ferdi collects probably most biking kilometers on his mountain bike in the hills of the Swabian forests. Nevertheless, for long-distance tours he used to exchange his beloved suspended bike to a touring bike mounting a rigid fork and bicycle racks for the time abroad. Ferdi participated in the Himalaya cycling tour in 2005. Being three weeks in the saddle to defeat some of the highest passes in the world, he spent some three more months together with Timo cycling through the Nepalese lowlands and through the Indian provinces Rajastan and Gujarat. Also, Ferdi is doing mountaineering on a more than regular basis. He circulated the Annapurna range in Nepal and did countless hikes in the European Alps both, in summer and winter.



Oskar turned one year at January 12th, 2014, and the cycling trip in Southeast Asia will be his first journey outside Europe and of course his very first adventure on two wheels. He will be sitting in a small trailer enjoying the view and leaving the pedaling work to others. For this time.



Sophies first trips outside Europe led her to India where she backpacked and also worked in an orphanage school trying to access the kids with culural incentives. Later she backpacked together with Timo for example in Iceland and other countries in Europe. In Southeast Asia she will do her first travelling kilometers on a bicycle.



Bicycles are nice. There is almost not a single day, when the bicycle remains untouched. The ultimate means of transportation have an aluminum frame, two wheels beneath, a saddle and a bar on top and finally two pedals to drive it.

Travelling comes in whenever possible. I was part of the Himalaya and the India tour in 2005. I lived some 15 months in southern Africa in 2007/2008, participating in some amazing backpacking trips there. The familiy cycling tou to Southeast Asia will be the upcoming project I will be part of.