In spring 2012 we wanted to start a cycling project going from Europe all the way to China following the legendary Silk Road. The trip was postponed to a yet unknown date, due to the arrival of our budding member Oskar.


The idea to cycle the Silk Road was already born on another trip, the cycling tour from Tibet to India. Meeting some cyclists in India who came all the way from Europe by land, we figured that this must be a project for some time in the future.

Cycling the Silk Road is of course not a project for a few weeks. The route crosses the major part of the Eurasian continent and offers several thousands of pedal kilometers. The tour is aimed for a year period allowing minor and major stops on the way East. Starting date will be spring 2012 and the tour probably starts from Germany.

The route crosses some remote and poor regions on the way East and we hope to realize some small projects with local communities. These could aim at sharing skills and resources or to build networks with the locals we meet on the way.

Map of Silk Road


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