english books for Tanzania

In the little town Makanya in NorthEast Tanzania we started an educational project called 'Vitabu'. The area is among the poorest in Tanzania and is far from providing a functional education system. The teachers are poorly educated, the school infrastructure is at a minimum and teaching materials are almost non-existent. The Vitabu project aimed at providing teaching materials for the students to learn english at primary school level. Collecting money from friends and family we intended to buy as many tanzanian school books as we could afford to stuff a small number of schools in the area with english books.

Call for donations

six schools receive several hundred books

The first attempt to run this kind a project turned out to be successful. More then 2300 Euro could be fundraised within a month time ending up in about 1200 school books for both students and teacher. Initially only two schools were aimed to be supplied with books. Due to great contributions eventually six schools received teaching materials that support the students to learn the english language, a fundamental skill to get a job e.g. in the tourism sector in Tanzania. The project was very well received by both, the schools and the local people. Particularly the interest of people living in Europe in the education in remote Tanzania was much appreciated. Read the report here.

Report from Vitabu